Bluetooth Smart Cooking Thermometer


Free WeGrill App available on Apple App Store

The new WeGrill One cooking thermometer is an app-enabled thermometer that simply connects to the WeGrill App on your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, and displays progress during cooking.


Connection to the WeGrill App is made by pressing the touch key on the WeGrill One and pair it in the App. After connecting you have easy access to selection of presets and cooking monitoring.


WeGrill One: An essential gadget for barbecuing, oven roasting, making caramel and other cooking temperature sensitive dishes

The WeGrill App lets you know exactly how your cooking is progressing, and when to take your meat off the grill. It is the central dashboard for all your WeGrill connected products, and it even provides you ideas and inspiration for your cooking.


Now you can get back to your guests, or work on other dishes, while keeping a close watch on the temperature progression, of your meat or dish, right from your smart device and receive an alert once your food is ready.


The WeGrill App is available for free at Apple App Store. It has 3 cooking modes based on meat type, desired time or temperature, and has individual presets for cooking degree for nine different types of meat and fish. Each with selection for doneness.




WeGrill One has two connections for probes. It comes with one probe, and extra probes can be bought separately.


The WeGrill One thermometer covers a temperature range from -25 to 300° C. Therefore you can also use WeGrill One for making caramel, candy and monitor sous vide cooking or bakery products.


WeGrill One comes with a magnetic mount for oven doors etc. and it has a wireless range of up to 25 metres.

Smart cooking with WeGrill App

WeGrill One

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Please note that due to change in requirements from Google, we are unfortunately no longer able to offer the WeGrill One companion APP for Android users.